I go nuts when people keep complaining about bad governance year in year out.We miss the point by not rising to the occassion and realising we have the power within us.Why we have a soft spot on selfish greedy ‘leaders’ is what makes me sick.But more worrying is how the politicians manipulate the unemployed youths with cheap liqour.The cycle continues after every 5years, when will we ever learn?…How many times do we board a matatu already full to capacity? Why do we allow drivers to drive carelessly without raising a voice? We let them play around with our precious lives. No sooner the accident happens than the hue and cry commences. We’ve lost so many lives…Corruption is now more rampant and worse than it was afew years ago. But what comes to mind when graft is mentioned is the police. But they dont bribe themselves, we’re part and parcel of the problem. We are never true to ourselves, we’re just ‘actors’…Did we mourn the death of Wangari Mathai? No, we were just hypocritical..we dump waste virtually everywhere, we cut down trees anyhow, our drainage system is a mess.Then how do we expect our environment to be seamless.. We deserve what we have


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