Registering My Disturbance

Its uncharasteristic of me to peruse through the obituaries but today (daily nation 7th August) I happened to spot photos of two very young kids barely 4 years who were robbed their precious lives by a grueling road accident. With the olympic fever spreading far and wide and just like everybody else, my interest was the sport pages.But the beautiful adorable and of course innocent faces could not be ignored.They met their deaths in their school bus and apparently the driver was not careful when joining the main highway.A small careless mistake caused the unfortunate deaths.How will their family and friends cope with the predicament? Well, thats an agony many families are grappling with as a result of the ever rising number of reckless drivers.For how long will we wait to put our house in order? Will we continue being reactive than proactive? We are losing world-icons and legends to-be, bread-winners and consequently inviting more poverty…Registering my disturbance


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