Sectarianism is basically conflict or even violence brought about by ideologies from different religions, political movements, social classes and many other forms..Imam Al Sadr a famous Shia muslim leader in Lebanon was an anti sectarianism.Actually at one time he visited a church and conducted a sermon emphasizing the need for social justice and tolerance among religions.Imagine a muslim preaching in a church!..In 1978 on a visit to Libya,an arguement ensued between him and Gaddafi in a meeting, he was never to return home.Many believe he was executed,…In our current world sectarianism is spreading far and wide..A recent poll in America revealed that many people stil perceive Obama to be a muslim.They are still sceptical about his religion..If it is indeed confirmed he is a muslim it will negatively affect his chance of remaining in White House…US secretary of State H.Clinton had her convoy smashed by tomatoes in a visit to Egypt recently, some muslim nations still discern US as a common ‘enemy’…In Nigeria Boko Haram is busy bombing churches and killin christians..Closer home, in Garissa church attacks the motive was to create a rift between muslims and christians..Sectarianism is a curse,its retrogressive.Think of apartheid in South Africa or racism in the West.And speaking of racism, social media was abuzz the other day when a Greek tripple jumper in London Olympics tweeted “with so many Africans in Greece, atleast the West Nile mosquitoes will be eating food from their home.” She was actually denied participating in the tourmanent.


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