No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his or her skin, background or religion.People must learn to hate and can be taught to love for love comes more naturally to the human heart than the opposite.Those were words of the world icon Nelson Mandela.In relation to that many were shocked when Northern Ireland health minister EDWIN Poots said his country would not accept any blood donated by individuals who have sex with Africans.At this day and age a government official has guts to insensitively portray Africans as less-human.

The other day Korean Air made a gross mistake as it was launching its airlines to Kenya.It branded this country as a destination awash with indigenous primitive people.Now whether it was translation issue ‘Kenyans On Twitter’ did not take it kindly.In fact they went ahead to make a trending topic on the popular social media and as well as demanding a deserved apology.They did but the damage had already been done and consequently had their airline image tainted at least in Africa.

Spain is among the top four very developed countries in Europe.So when it found itself in the unfamiliar financial distress and was compelled to seek a bail out from the rest, the Prime minister one Rajoy infamously said ‘Spain is not Uganda’.We know Uganda is a developing country battling with a couple of challenges from democratic space,rebels in the North,human right violation etc But it was in bad faith to issue such a statement.How low do they regard Africa.

Only recently in England erstwhile Chelsea captain John Terry was cleared the racism allegations by the court that had threatened his career.Racism is common in European countries and its unfortunate the white still scorn Africa yet we have the opportunity to take the global economy to the next level.


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