How many times have you heard of this saying……..dat its its the the little things that we do in life that really matter.Wangari Maathai is now gone but not like any other ordinary person.Her legacy will pass on from generation to generation.She was a phenomenal lady more than a super woman…….a true mother of earth.During my early years i only heard of her in the media not really understanding what she was up to…not even caring much to listen.Some may argue i was innocent.But those are the days that she in hailed teargas together with a few others who were brave enough to face the police appreciating that it a was during the Moi era.She stood tall even when it proved so tough…….many are sending condolences but the best we can do for her is plant as many trees as we can, not for her commemoration but for generations to come since that was her dream.


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